It’s easy to feel like you don’t need help.. But it’s harder to walk on your own.”

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super awk question but you were just reblogged onto my dash (and demi is perf and in the same music genre so) would you mind watching the video that i linked to in my latest post for me for like 20 seconds to help me win a karmin contest? :) the more views i get, the higher my chance of winning! it just takes ten seconds and would mean the worlddd to me so please? haha and if you could ask like one friend too it'd make a huge difference. thanks so much, im sorry for bugging you!

its okay :) i saw and it was so funny lol, good luck! HEY GUYS SEE THIS AND HELP

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“I just wanna say that you’re worthy of love, you’re worthy of life, you’re all incredible, beautiful souls out there that are gonna go on and have incredible futures. I believe in all of you.”

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"I’m a sister, I’m a daughter, I’m a warrior. People think I’ve got myself together, but I’m actually still a work in progress..”

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